Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday a nd 2009 Photos

Thank God, the holidays are over. Jake just got his driving permit and had his first lesson today. He loved it! He drove on the freeway and all around town. Only six more months of school. Layla is getting so big and learning new words. She loves to tell people hi and beginning to help put toys away. She also helps mommy take the dishes out of the dishwasher. Some of her words are cheese, spaz(the cat), quack-quack and bath. She doesn't like her swing anymore and likes to fall asleep in her bed listening to her music box. Bath time is still an all time favorite and she loves bananas. Brad and I are doing good. Work has slowed down for Brad at UPS now that the holidays are over. And I am still looking for work. Hopefully something good will come up soon.

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Sue Owen said...

Love all the pictures; I got my blog posted today! Love your background, great minds think alike:)