Friday, March 6, 2009

Layla's first swim lesson

Okay, I really do not know much about this website other than, My sister n law, does a really good job at her blog. My blog appears to be malfunctioning. .....................................................................

Layla had her first swim lesson at Five Cities Swim Club and is a Goldfish. We swam for 1/2 hour with the group. Layla learned how to do the hookie pookie, humpty dumpty, glide and all kinds other things. Daddy went to swim lesson with us. He was the only Daddy that attended the lesson :) Thank Goodness because Layla cried when she practiced swimming back and forth from mommy to the swim instructor. She was scared to leave mommy to a stranger. But when swimming back and forth with mommy and daddy, everything was okay. The swim club had a castle to practice swimming with and Layla loved it. She would just sit and dangle her legs. We stayed in the water for 1/2 hour after the lesson and practiced swimming. She is a natural like mommy and loves the water. Bt the end of the hour Layla was dog paddling. The swim club called her a little mermaid. BTW Layla is in her second bikini.

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The Owens said...

Layla you are such a little fish! Sounds like you love the water, maybe Uncle Jeff can teach you to surf:-)
Jody your blog looks great.(I think I can help you with the script that is on the left hand side, call me and we can try to fix that!) We love seeing the updated pictures. Layla is getting so big and has changed so much. You guys look like you're really enjoying everyday! The beach is beautiful, we miss it, and can't wait for our visit. We'll have to go to the beach while we're home. We miss all of you and hope all is well. Take care and talk to you soon.
Love, Uncle Jeff & Auntie Jen